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  • 17th Apr, 2018 Tempest Citadel - OUT NOW!

    Tempest Citadel - OUT NOW!
    Tempest Citadel has been released!Your mission, Captain, is to lead your crew of 100 skilled explorers to a distant planet to follow the call of an ancient alien race. Tempest Citadel is a team management game with a vivid storyline. Deep research and base building mechanics and a 10 hour single player campaign.StrategyThe game sits astride traditional genres, with very light RTS themed combat and a focus on R&D and improving your crew of 100 unique characters.
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  • 9th Apr, 2018 Tempest Citadel 1 Week to Launch - April 17th

    We're counting down to the launch of Tempest Citadel with a roundup of some of the latest Reviews and Streams:"Tempest Citadel is an addictive balance of player-friendly design and challenge"      Killa Penguin Full Review Progress Log"Tempest Citadel is a charming, story-driven title that channels some of the best elements of non-starship based Sci-Fi.
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