Volgar Barbarian and Combat Dragon

Volgar Barbarian

Volgar Barbarian and Combat Dragon from my in development PC game: Tempest Citadel
It is a sci-fi strategy game with cloud cities, bunkers, scavenging, ancient secrets and AI driven squad battles on the ground and above the clouds. 

A little backstory…

2107 Terracorp controls Earth. After an alien signal was detected, it was decoded and found to be plans for an interstellar craft and details of a location in space marked as the source of untold riches and technological insight, the Nexus. Terracorp used its extensive resources to turn these plans into an operational spaceship, and chose you, along with 5 experts to lead a mission to reach and exploit the Nexus.

The craft is loaded with hundreds of cryopods that will make up your crew at the destination, but you must travel light and only the essential modules are installed - everything else you must build/scavenge/or steal at your destination.

After a long voyage the craft sweeps into a solar system not unlike our own and approaches a Class 4 Earth-like planet, swathed in thick electromagnetic storms. Suddenly the craft’s systems crackle with golden sparks and the craft freefalls towards the planet’s surface.

Then, caught in an unexplained anti-gravity field the craft breaks it’s fall and comes to a shuddering stasis a few hundred meters above the stormy cloudline.

Only now do the primary stasis pods flicker into life and release you and your small team of officers onto the flightdeck. And now the craft reveals another secret as the ship’s main display screen dims and returns as the face of a mysterious AI.

"Welcome to the Tempest Citadel!"

Tempest Citadel AI